You wouldn’t ship a product without testing to make sure it functions correctly, so why take that chance with your security and risk controls?

Offensive Security

Any type of security testing where you are trying to find weaknesses in your defenses is commonly known as offensive security, but a lot of people just call it Penetration Testing. EliteSec offers a range of offensive security testing options including:

  1. Vulnerability Assessments
  2. Web Application Penetration Testing
  3. Network Penetration Testing
  4. Purple Team Engagements

In all cases, EliteSec will work with you to figure out exactly what makes sense for your business and your needs. Whether or not you are looking for a penetration test to meet a regulatory or compliance requirement, or you’re preparing to launch a product to hit the market and you want to ensure the safety of your data. Contact us and we can figure out what makes the most sense for your unique situation.

Vulnerability Assessments

If you’ve never had your application tested, we would recommend starting with a vulnerability assessment first. That way you can get an idea of potentially weak areas to address before a full fledged penetration test.

Web Application Penetration Testing

If you have a web based application, EliteSec can fully test the application in the same way hackers would - by knocking on the front door.

Network Penetration Testing

What if someone managed to phish one of your users and they’re on the inside of your network? What could they get? Where could they reach? Network Penetration Testing is another service offered by EliteSec that can help answer this question. We will start with an assumed breach scenario with a low privilege machine and see how far we can go.

Purple Team Engagements

Do you already have an information security team that is tasked with monitoring your networks and applications? Perhaps you’ve outsourced to another organization. Would you like to ensure that everything is tuned and working properly? Ask us about our Purple Team Engagement option and we can show you how we can work together with your defenders to ensure their monitoring is working as expected.