Disasters rarely make it easy for your teams to recover, so why are you planning your responses by only following the “happy path”?

Common Tabletop Exercises (TTXs)

A traditional tabletop exercise (TTX) involves gathering various teams from around the company and running through your disaster recovery (DR) plan. Normally these exercises will start with a disaster such as a ransomware outbreak, fire in your main data center, etc. Teams have built plans to deal with such situations, and a TTX is intended to run through these scenarios to ensure that the plans meet the need. However there is a flaw - teams always seem to succeed.

This constant success is known as following the happy path, and it is incredibly detrimental to the effectiveness of your plans. Disasters rarely follow a “happy path”, so why should your TTX?

Enter Gamification

EliteSec has taken the idea of a tabletop exercise (TTX) and gamified it. By forcing the team to roll a die depending on their choices, we can introduce a sense of randomness into the exercise. A router isn’t functioning? Roll a die to see if it’s because of a loose cable or if the router itself has burned out. That backup you thought would work just fine? It fails when you try to recover from it.

Through custom scenarios and outcomes pre-determined by roll of the dice, teams can use the same scenario multiple times and then run into unique situations each time. The advantage is that you are forced to re-evaluate what you thought would work when it does not.

EliteSec can help take your TTX to the next level.

Custom TTX Scenarios

If you don’t have a disaster recovery or business continuity plan, then a tabletop exercise (TTX) is a great way to put one together. Start with a scenario and then document what you would do if faced in that situation while you have your domain experts at the table.

At EliteSec, we can help you design a custom scenario that makes sense for your unique needs, and if you would like a hand running the exercise, we are more than happy to oblige.