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About Us

Pragmatic Advice with Candid Discussion

EliteSec prides itself on our professionalism and focus on helping organizations of all sizes ensure they are protected against cyber threats. Our goal is to help educate our clients and raise the security posture of as many organizations as possible to help others. EliteSec focuses on the needs of the client, offering pragmatic advice with candid discussion. Using modern technology, techniques, and best practices to educate and elevate our clients.

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Why Choose Us

Why Clients Choose EliteSec

At EliteSec, we offer white-glove, boutique solutions to each of our clients, bringing over a decade of cybersecurity experience with every engagement. We start by understanding what our clients needs are, how they work, and what they have built. Once we understand where they are coming from, then we move on to offer pragmatic advice with candid discussion. This way we can find maximum value with minimum impact to their day-to-day operations.

  • Exceptional Expertise

    With over 14 years of cybersecurity experience in our staff, EliteSec can offer unparalleled advice and experience based on our own history of working with a wide variety of organizations.
  • Unrivaled Professionalism

    EliteSec was founded on the core belief that organizations of any size should have fair, honest, and appropriate cybersecurity services available to them. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients business and working with them to find appropriate solutions for each of their unique needs. At EliteSec, we pride ourselves on our concierge-like service to each of our clients.

Cybersecurity Services

Services We Provide

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing helps ensure that your product is only used in the way you intended, no matter the intent of the user.

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Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity is a large and complex topic, which is why finding a trusted and knowledgeable guide is so important.

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Gamified Tabletop Exercises

Gamified Tabletop Exercises

Disasters rarely make it easy for your teams to recover, so why practice by following the “happy path”?

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What Our Clients Say

EliteSec provided a few different consultancy services for our organization including Information Security Consulting and Penetration Testing. We are a rapidly growing and scaling organization that required consultancy assistance with our security policies and protocols. Overall - great experience, very happy with the assets delivered.

We’ve had great success with the team at EliteSec. Their thorough review of our products and infrastructure have identified key areas for continual improvement that had been missed by other consultants. This extra front-loaded effort ensures that the solutions they provide align with our needs, not with a cookie cutter.

My software development team received a great training session from John at EliteSec. The session was targeted to our specific needs, and has helped our team gain the skills and knowledge required to be ready for future challenges. The team felt they were equipped with a good framework for identifying potential security problems going forward.

Having worked with multiple security firms for Penetration Tests in the past, I can unequivocally say that EliteSec has changed the game. Starting with a collaborative conversation with someone who actively works to understand the business, to a detailed findings report that goes against dated competitors, EliteSec has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

ElitSec has provided us with extensive security & penetration testing for gaining invaluable insight into potential risks and/or vulnerabilities we may have been exposed to through our development process. With John’s help, we are able to provide, with confidence, application security across our platform to our clients. John was incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to all of our queries while providing very useful documentation to maintain the best security practices.

We had our annual pen and vulnerability testing last month and did an amazing job. John gave us a schedule and hit all the targets. At the end we received a very easy to read report and an attestation letter we can share with our customers and the price was great too. Thanks we’ll be contacting you in the near future for our next security test!

We were about to publish a new web application developed for us by a third party. EliteSec completed a penetration and vulnerability test against the application and was able to work with us and the third party very effectively to remediate identified issues. John’s work was excellent, and very detailed; not only providing the technical details, but also demonstrations of how discovered vulnerabilities could be exploited, and recommended solutions. The level of detail provided in the initial report, and remediation scan reports provided us with confidence to launch the application successfully and securely. Thanks John and the EliteSec team!

Working with John at EliteSec was a great experience - we’re a small software company, and John was able to work with our budget to provide us with penetration testing for our web application. John was professional and prompt and helped us set up for the test and then provided a detailed report complete with steps to remediate any issues that were found. Looking forward to working with John again in the future!

EliteSec did a great job of making sure we understood our own security needs and taught us the best practices to implement to ensure we maintain a secure environment as possible. Thanks John!

Highly recommended. Professional, knowledgeable, high quality service. Have been working with EliteSec for years, and always recommend EliteSec to my customers.

Providing Pragmatic Cybersecurity Advice with Candid Discussion

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