Welcome to EliteSec! I was hoping to write this first blog entry as a type of foundation post, to give some history on the company and why we are here.

Who Are We?

We are a small, boutique, information security consultancy. We specialize in locking down environments, helping organizations with little to no experience in securing their organizations get started on doing the right thing. We’re based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and are a stone’s throw away from Waterloo, Ontario where so many young companies are making their mark thanks to help from Communitech, Velocity, and the Accelerator Centre.

Our focus isn’t just start-ups - any company of any size that’s looking for help can call us and we’ll jump at the opportunity. We believe in the concept of herd immunity - by raising the security capabilities of as many organizations as possible, we can help protect the rest. Whether you call it Information Security, Cyber Security, or just plain Computer Security, we love it and we’d love to help you with it.

You can check out our services to see all that we have to offer, but I’d like to remind you that this is just the common things people ask about. If you have a question, please let us know! We love to share information, and initial consultations are always free. After all, it never hurts to ask the question!

What Makes Us Different?

EliteSec is not a large org, and I don’t expect us to ever grow to be one. If I have my way, we’ll stay a small but flexible group of professionals who do our job to the best of our ability. We are passionate about security and we honestly want to share that passion with others. To be honest, our goal isn’t necessarily to keep you as a customer - our goal is to get you started on your way so that you don’t need us around all the time! We would rather see you succeed under you own power and only call us when you need a check-up, penetration test, or something else. Teach an org to phish or something along those lines.

In all honesty though, we are firm believers that the world is short on information security professionals right now. By sharing what we know with our clients and ensuring their success, we can help bridge that gap, raise awareness, and hopefully create a few jobs in the process. Sounds like a win to me.

We also believe in honest discussion and dialog. We do not believe in selling a product or service through fear, but we do believe in candid discussions about real threats organizations may face. Specific threats to those particular organizations, not general threats that may only affect the top 1% of Fortune 500 companies (unless we’re talking to one of them).

We believe in finding the right fit, the right level of controls for risk, the right product for the right time and for a bit of growth (because upgrading every few months is expensive and silly), all while keeping our clients working on what they do best. We believe in acting like a guard rail to keep you from driving off the cliff rather than being a speed bump to slow you down. As a client, you do what you do best; we have zero interest in slowing you down. That’s why you’re in business, isn’t it? We want to ensure you stay agile, fast, and focused. All we’re going to do is make sure you stay on that safe path without putting your organization at risk.

Why Did I Start EliteSec?

To be perfectly blunt, I was tired of seeing bad advice being given to companies I was working at. From seeing organizations taking advantage by recommending solutions that made little sense, so receiving pen test reports that were little more than a simple scan but having massive price tags associated with them. Talking with friends in the field, I realized how common this was. Sadly, in security circles it isn’t common to come across “penetration testing puppy mill” companies that will do poor quality testing but charge large amounts. I personally have not experienced that, but I have seen tests that could have been much better.

I wanted to do better for myself, for my community, and for anyone who may be having difficulty in the field of security. As such, I felt it was time for EliteSec to rise and help those in need. I love to share my knowledge, I love to help others, and this seemed like the best way to achieve all of that. I brought my personal values, morals, and desires together and the result was EliteSec. I couldn’t be more proud.

– John