One of the hardest things about information security is knowing where to start, which is why finding the right guide is so important.

At EliteSec, we will never make suggestions that do not deal with a real threat to your organization. Regardless of if you call it cyber security, information security, or just plain security - if you have a question about it, do not hesitate to ask us. We believe that knowledge is power, and we want to help spread that knowledge to anyone who asks.

Contact us for an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and come up with a plan to help move you forward. Our belief is that if we can help raise the security posture of organizations, we can start to make a real impact in the fight against malicious entities. Call it “herd immunity” for corporations against malicious actors.

Information Security Consulting

The goal of EliteSec is to help educate and move our clients forward with their information security posture. From writing policy documents to creating full fledged security programs, we can help. Need a new policy? We have you covered. Looking for potential weaknesses in your organization? What aobut that new application you’re planning on deploying? We can help identify potential vulnerabilities and threats before you hit the market.

Whether your business is hosted locally in your office, in a data center, or living in the cloud, EliteSec has the skills and expertise to find a solution for you. We utilize the NIST Cyber Security Framework for the basis of our security programs and can use it to help your business build a security program that is complete without interrupting your business.

Security In Operations

Are you looking to get into DevOps? Would you like help to convert that to DevSecOps? EliteSec has worked with DevOps teams in the past and can help integrate security tooling and solutions into the DevOps process. Integrating security in your CI/CD pipeline is a great way to catch issues early on. Let us work with your team to find the right tools to fit your unique needs.

End User Awareness Training

It is often said that the weakest link at any organization is the people. Why not start by educating your end users, and then running simulations to ensure the training is taking effect? EliteSec can help you setup a user awareness training program as well as phishing campaigns to test your users using similar tools, techniques, and procedures that real attackers would use.

AWS Cloud Security

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a great choice when making the migration to the cloud. Whether you are doing a “lift-and-shift” from a traditionally hosted web application or going full native with your cloud deployment, EliteSec has experience with the shared responsibility model that AWS often talks about. We can help decipher what this means and show you how to deploy to the cloud - safely.