Security Programs

sSecurity Programs

Security programs are the backbone of ensuring your organization is prepared to defend against cybersecurity threats. A strong security program helps all aspects of your business, not just your product development or service teams. At EliteSec, we can help you build out a security program that makes sense within your environment. Using industry recognized frameworks like the CIS Controls and the NIST Cyber Security Framework, we can find a solution that fits best for your business.

Whether you are building out a plan for the first time, or you’re looking to get certified under SOC 2, ISO27001, or PCI-DSS, EliteSec can help make sure you have a solid foundation to take you further and be more successful.

A typical security program would encompass:

  • Full review of your service offerings, policies, procedures, and departments
  • Building out policies related to security controls and concerns
  • Identifying and offering remediation advice on gaps
  • Assistance with education and implementation of controls

At EliteSec, we start with a gap analysis to identify what you already have in place, what you need to add, and what just needs some attention to bring your organizations security plan up and running. No two organizations are the same, so contact us today to help get a customized plan that is tailored for your unique needs.