Elitesec, where information security meets pragmatic execution.

Information security is a mindset, a passion, and a desire to ensure your business can continue in the face of modern threats. In today's environment, information security is as much a part of a successful business plan as market research and user acceptance testing. At Elitesec, information security is our passion. We help you to manage the risk your organization faces while keeping your current momentum. Security is about managing risk. Let Elitesec show you how to manage it effectively.

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Our Commitment to Our Customers

Elitesec holds the following core tenets at the core of our business:

  1. Support the business needs of the client; never impede their mission.
  2. Risk is the enemy of productivity; we will manage risk.
  3. Work with technology, process, and people.
  4. Ensure Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of data.
  5. Cost of control must never exceed the value of data.
  6. Educate and offer suggestions, but let the client decide.
  7. Never stop learning.


Information Security

Whatever your information security needs, Elitesec can help. Do you need a security program to meet a client requirement? We can help. Looking to setup security policies for your organization? We can help. Do you need a second opinion on a new tool that will hold your sensitive data? We can help.

Whatever your information security needs, Elitesec will apply its pragmatic approach to meet your needs and get you the results you require. Elitesec draws from a variety of industry best practices, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Center for Internet Security (CIS). One size does not fit all, so we tailor our approaches to your unique business needs.


Penetration testing is more than just running an automated scanner and putting the findings in a report, telling you what vulnerabilities may exist, but haven't been tested. Elitesec will go deeper - finding vulnerabilities and confirming whether or not they can actually lead to exploitation of your systems.

We believe that good penetration testing is achieved through a well defined process, and at Elitesec we follow the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) methodology for all our penetration testing engagements. From checking the OWASP Top 10 through to checking for potential information leakage through social media, we will work hard to find the exposures that may be exploited by malicious actors.

Cloud Security

If you are migrating from traditional data centers or starting off fresh in the Cloud, Elitesec can help with your journey. Want to implement a DevSecOps program? Elitesec can help. From AWS, Terraform, and automation tools such as Chef, Elitesec can help make the transition to DevSecOps easier. Cloud security is just as important as on-premise security, let Elitesec help you protect your cloud environment.

Modern Tabletop

Tabletops are a great way to help test your preparedness for a disaster, either natural or man-made. However, most tabletop exercises follow the happy path and don't always prepare you for when disaster strikes. At Elitesec, we have developed our own gamified version of a tabletop simulation, which helps both with participant engagement and adding randomness to the simulation to help truly test your preparedness.

Looking for something more? Let us know and we can work with you to come up with a pragmatic solution to your information security needs that meet your business requirements.


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